List of Video Game Products

Products designed and programmed by David Crane, or adapted from original Crane designs


iPhone games published by Skyworks® Interactive Inc.

Arcade Bowling™

Ten Pin Championship Bowling®

Boardwalk Games™ *

Arcade Hoops Basketball™ **

3 Point Hoops® **

Arcade QB Pass Attack™ **

Field Goal Frenzy™ **

Stellar Blast!™

Online Casual Games:

Lotto Letters®

Super Swish

Stellar Blast!™

Mercury® Mariner® Hybrid Infomercial

Lacrosse Shootout

Beach Volleyball

Spiderman® Climbing game

Miller® Seat Salsa *

Super Cocoa Man

Break the Rules Hoops

Downfield Strike

Mini Motocross

Pebbles® Robopup Run

Toyota® 4runner® Challenge

Tyco® RC Speed Wrench

Vertical Jam

E.T.’s Adventure

Bubble Yum® Home Run Derby

Bubble Yum® Bullpen Blast

Gummi Bunnies® Egg Hunt

Foul Shot Shootout

LifeSavers® Water Park Pinball

Field Goal Challenge

Creme Savers® Bowling

Golf Solitaire

Skyworks Lanes Bowling

Carefree® on Ice

Gummi Savers® Rock-N-Skate

YIPES!® Photo Safari

Ice Breakers® Slap Shot Shootout

Southpark® Pinball

Breath Savers® Road Rally

Ford® NASCAR® racing challenge

MTv® Cranks Dirt Bike Game

Ice Breakers® Ultimate Bobsled

Breath Savers® Billiards

Snackwells® Chocolate Factory Pinball

Snowboard Big Air

Skate Rage Inline Skating

Candystand™ Miniature Golf

LifeSavers® Word Challenge

Candystand™ Tennis Open

Mountain Climbing

3 Point Shootout

Grand Slam Pinball

Nabisco World™ Team Racing

Soccer Shootout

LifeSavers® Treasure Hunt

Oreo® Adventure

LifeSavers® Roll-A-ball

Air Crisps® Slam Dunk

Fruit Chews® BMX

Postopia™ Bowling

Console Games:


Pitfall II, Lost Caverns™


Laser Blast™

Fishing Derby™


Grand Prix™

A Boy and His Blob™ *

The Rescue of Princess Blobette™

Little Computer People™ *



Super Skateboardin’™

The Activision Decathlon™

T*O*Y*S™  *

Home Improvement: Power Tool Persuit *

Transformers®, the computer game

David Crane’s Amazing Tennis™

Bart Simpson’s Escape from Camp Deadly™ *


Canyon Bomber™


Slot Machine™

  1. * Represents a collaboration with one or more other programmers

** Adaptation by another programmer or programmers, typically with creative assistance

This list of games represents the body of creative work designed and programmed by David Crane while in the employ of various companies.  No claim is made as to the ownership of any of these games or properties.  Skyworks is a registered trademark of Skyworks Ventures Inc. Other names and brands are the property of their respective owners.

Trademarks and Logos are the property of their individual owners.

Advergame Clients

Many of the Browser Games listed above were licensed for use by

one of more of the following clients:

Above listed game titles are trademarks of Skyworks Interactive Inc.